This site is devoted to Indian Lake athletics. It is a place for Laker athletes to see themselves in action on the court, in the field or around the track. It is a place for the Indian Lake community to see up close the hard work that our students put into their sports and the intensity that surfaces during competition. It is a place for athletes to access their images allowing them to share with friends and family throughout the season.

Athletes, feel free to use the images on this site as you desire. Post them on your Facebook page, email them to your family or have some printed for your photo album. That is the purpose of this site. My only request is that you use the images in a positive manner. I will not allow images of our Laker athletes to be used disrespectfully.

You can take advantage of SmugMug’s online ordering site to have photos printed and delivered to your home. Note that the prices for printed photos are wholesale and I make no profit on purchased pictures. I wanted to keep it as affordable as possible for students. Of course you could copy the photos to a CD and have prints made at Wal-Mart or several local drugstores.

Finally, feel free to leave your comments regarding the site below.

Mark Albright